Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Review that Trip Advisor Refuses to Publish

I'm not usually a review writer, and I realize how unfair it is for me to rely on reviews on TripAdvisor, AirBNB (which I always leave a review), and Yelp without ever contributing.  So, I vowed to contribute more.  I wrote the following review shortly after I return from my visit to Paris. I duly submitted it to TripAdvisor. It took a couple of weeks for me to get the email copied below that asked that I not use profanity. I purposefully used asterisks to denote the profanity that was showered upon us.  My use of coded profanity was not to titillate, but merely to report what happened. Nonetheless, TripAdvisor gently asked for a revision.  Since I wanted this review published, for the greater good, I complied and edited out the asterisked words. I believe I referred to the words generally as expletives.  ⏳is what is happening now. It's now August... Not confident that they will publish it. Is it that TripAdvisor doesn't publish negative reviews?   What's the issue?   Shouldn't people know? This review is not embellished.  It is what happened. There were maybe two other tables occupied when we were there.  So, it wasn't even busy when we allegedly made the proprietor "work."  They are also witnesses.

Here's a few thoughts/entreaties to Mr. Fulvio.  Maybe publish a menu so you don't have to "work" to read the menu to each customer.  Perhaps take some classes on mindfulness, with an emphasis on being kind to your neighbor, even in the face of adversity.  Also, don't chase your customers down the street yelling expletives at them.  Incredibly aggressive. That might possibly send a chill down the spines of your other customers who may step out of line.  Just suggestions.

Thus, since TripAdvisor is hedging, I decided to publish it here, along with TripAdvisor's email to me.  By the way, Yelp published the review, but relegated it  to the depths of "We Don't Know You/Can't Vouch for You" because you have only written one review.  Okay, I get it.  Finally, I received an email from TripAdvisor to say that my reviews have been read by 573 people in 7 days!  Go figure.

Full disclosure:  the review was edited for typos and grammar.  Other than that, it's what was submitted to TripAdvisor.

Dear TripAdvisor Member,

Thank you for taking the time to write a review of FULVIO on TripAdvisor.

We value your contribution, and would like to be able to post it to our website. However, we are unable to publish your review because it violated the following guideline(s):

No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, sexually explicit language or other content that is not appropriate for our community.
NOTE: We do not publish explicit or implied profanity. This includes acronyms which contain intended profanity and profanity that has been masked using symbols.

If you'd be willing to edit and resubmit your review, we'd really appreciate it, and so will your fellow travelers! Your original review is included below so you can easily copy and paste it into the review form and make the necessary edits. You may view a comprehensive list of our guidelines here:

Best regards,
TripAdvisor Support Team

------original review-------

Subject: FULVIO
Location: Paris, Ile-de-France, France, Europe
Title: Incredibly Rude Proprietor
ID#: 390993647

We visited this restaurant on 4 July 2016, based on some of the positive reviews posted on Yelp. What a disgusting experience because the proprietor, who some have described as delightful, was the most narcissistic, rude, and aggressive person with whom I've ever come in contact. The chalkboard menu was largely illegible, and needed to be deciphered. Without pleasantries, the proprietor came over our table with the blackboard, and very aggressively asked whether we wanted to share an appetizer. When my French friend responded to him in French to ask a question, he immediately responded to her rudely in French, and then in English, that he would explain the menu. There were probably close to 30 items on the menu that he read through in lightening speed, and at the end, we were expected to spit out an order. When I said we needed a moment to digest the menu, we received an exasperated shrug. 

At this point, my friend and I, weary of the poor behavior and attitude, decided to leave and spend our time in a less aggressive environment. 

As we exited the restaurant, the proprietor berated us with expletives in French, and then I guess for my benefit, called us f****** a********, stupid, and f****** dumb. Happy Independence Day! 

He followed us halfway down the street yelling at us, telling us that his reading of the menu was work for him. What aggressive and self-demeaning behavior towards two women. Wow. All because we exercised our right not to spend money in a restaurant where we felt unwelcome? If I had been any of the diners there witnessing that, I would have surely left. Why would anyone want to eat there with such potential erratic behavior? 

Happy to report that we found a beautiful little Italian Restaurant called Le Petit Italien, also in the Marais, right behind Place des Voges. Friendly service and delightful food. I will definitely return there. 

The takeaway: avoid Fulvio unless you like a slice of vitriol with your antipasto.